Learn Piano Houston was created by Phebe Wusan to help residents of Houston and surrounding areas improve their piano proficiency.

Phebe attended college in Singapore where she majored in Piano Performance and graduated Cum Laude. Phebe has been instructing piano all levels for over 25 years and plays piano at a professional level. She has a wide ranged repertoire including classical, broadway, jazz, pop, and rock. On arrival to Texas she began working as a Company pianist for the Houston Ballet.

While she often works with children ages 4-12 years old, she has experience working at all levels and ages. She has instructed hundreds of children, some for more than 10 years which she has taken from beginner levels through all advanced levels. She has adults she instructs who have never played piano, and others who hire her for refresher courses and advanced training.

Over the years Phebe has developed a unique method of teaching which assists her students in learning optimal skills at a fast pace. She teaches basic and advanced learning techniques while focusing on what particular musical compositions students would like to learn.

If you are a parent looking for a suitable piano instructor for your child or an adult looking to improve your piano ability, then Phebe can help you.  For more information, or to schedule your initial lesson, please visit the contact page.